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Ranch Style Home

What if I told you that a one-level home with an attached garage on an over-sized lot in an established neighborhood could be yours at a good price?  Whether you have a growing family, aching knees or a need for a more flexible living space, take another look at the ranch. Otherwise known as the rambler, this style of home offers unparalleled functionality and versatility when compared to other architectural varieties. So why the stigma?

When describing their ideal house. a good percentage of buyers I work with describe the key-features they desire in a home and then in the same breath say, “anything but a ranch style”.  Just like clothing fads, I predict the ranch making it’s come-back and many buyers starting to seek them out again.  Click here for images of spectacular remodeled ranch homes.

With it’s low profile and minimalist approach to finishes and decoration, the ranch home fuses modernist style with the American Western period. The result is an informal and casual living style all on one level.

Introduced in the 1920s, the ranch home grew popular with the burgeoning post-war middle class of the 1940s, and carried through to the 1970s. Due to the increasing population and demand for homes in this era, the ranch home earned the reputation of tract housing. The late 20th century brought a return of historical and traditional style homes, thus leaving the ranch looking like leftovers to the next generation.

If you are downsizing, a first-time home buyer, mid-century minded, or just plain contemporary loving, you owe it to yourself to consider a ranch as your next home. The Portland market offers some great finds in terms of ranch style homes and your dollar may go a bit further too. Here are just a few:

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